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Commercial Building Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of commercial building cleaning services throughout Singapore. We have constantly achieved high standards of service with over 35 years of commercial cleaning. Our company has an impressive track record of delivering our cleaning services efficiently and effectively. This is why we have become the number 1 choice for most commercial buildings in Singapore.

On top of that, our Customer Relations department constantly checks and monitors team performance on-site to ensure that any existing problems are rectified in a timely manner. To make sure that we are providing the best level of service, we actively seek feedback from our clients.

A dedicated accounts officer will be assigned to assist you daily in the smooth running of your commercial building’s cleaning.

Residential Building Cleaning Services

Our commitment to delivering high quality service and exceptional promises has made us the cleaning provider of choice for a number of residential buildings in Singapore such as The Interlace, Mandarin Gardens and Marina Bay Suites. Our track record of successful projects proves that you can count on our expertise and experience to deliver remarkable and perfect cleaning services with any residential project.

Hotel Cleaning Services

Hotels are seen as a home away from home. Therefore, maintaining cleanliness is key for retaining our clientele. A&P Maintenance Services and our team of trained cleaners have been providing cleaning services to hotels for over 32 years. Our professional cleaners are available 24/7 for all hotel-cleaning needs.

We fully understand the requirements and procedures to uphold hotel cleaning standards. Cleanliness, safety and security are the most important details hoteliers must provide, and we have constantly maintained this benchmark. Our excellent cleaning service standards and the ability to meet high customer expectations have led us to be appointed by local hospitality establishments such as York Hotel, Goodwood Park Hotel, Quincy Hotel and Elizabeth Hotel.

As part of the process to ensure that our clients are receiving the best service, rest assured that our Customer Relations department will constantly collect feedback by personally visiting the clients. In this manner, we can make sure that all problems will be resolved professionally.

Periodic Works Cleaning

A&P provides a variety of periodical cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, high dusting, after-event cleaning. We deliver comprehensive services and offer customised solutions for all types of premises and events.

Airport Cleaning Services

Your travellers may not notice our cleaning teams working across the airport, but they will certainly see our gleaming work. We are representatives of your facility, and our team of cleaners are aware of the high levels of hygiene and safety that is required for airport cleaning. We will also adhere to the airport’s stringent cleaning methods and restrictions.

Office Cleaning Services

Your office reflects your professionalism. Customers will get their first impression from the look of your office. Therefore, maintaining the cleanliness of your office is crucial to business development. Our experts offer a flexible service that is tailored around your requirements.

Our office cleaning covers the provision of a full- or part-time cleaner, depending on the size of your office and other requirements.

Trust us to make sure your office stays clean and conducive for employees and visitors – all while keeping your business running productively.

Shopping Center Cleaning Services

The shopping centre is a dynamic, fast-moving environment. It is very different from other cleaning sectors, and requires extra attention when it comes to cleaning. Our team will make sure that our services comply with requirements for work health safety, environmental management, quality assurance, and risk management. At A&P, we are also fully equipped with advanced machinery to cope with the fast-paced environment. This is why we are constantly selected as the cleaning provider of choice for a number of shopping centres in Singapore.

External Façade Cleaning

Safety compliance is one of the most important aspects of this service. All of our operatives are trained by the IRATA. Our methods of operation include:

  • BMU / Rope Access
    • Gondola
  • Staging / Boomlift

With 32 years of experience in the market, we have offered numerous external façade cleaning services to several building structures. Whether it’s a one-off project or scheduled cleaning, our team has the flexibility to work around your business hours for maximum convenience.

School Cleaning Services

Schools, colleges, and universities is the place where thousands of students acquire their knowledge. A clean environment is vital in giving the students a quality learning experience. At A&P, we provide top-quality services tailored around the school’s requirements that can be carried out during school hours.

We provide a fully-flexible service that allows us to manage your cleaning requirements. This includes deep cleaning with minimal disruption to the activities of students, lecturers and staff. Our commitment to providing high standard cleaning services and delivering on our promises have made us the cleaning company of choice for Nanyang Technological University (NTU), one of the top universities located in Singapore.

Choose us as your service partner and we will work closely with you to create a flexible cleaning schedule that fits your needs, with a guarantee for providing the best value. Here at A&P, we take great pride in helping our clients’ businesses run more efficiently.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Our expert cleaners have the skills and experience to be flexible, when it comes to providing industrial cleaning tailored to your requirements. We understand that getting a suitable industrial cleaning service provider is important for your business, and we promise the highest quality of service.

Other Services

  • Floor Mat Services
  • Washroom & Hygiene
  • Carpet Extraction
  • Marble Crystallisation
  • Waste Disposal Services
  • Pest Control Services

We're committed to goGreen.

go Green singapore cleaning

At A&P Maintenance Services Pte. Ltd., we pay serious attention to the importance of using environmentally-friendly products.

This ensures our employees are not breathing polluted air, and minimizes skin irritation. This has also been proven to make a positive impact on employee health and morale, as well as improve company reputation.

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