Company policy statements

We keep our clients looking good for their customers, visitors, and employees.

Safety and Health Policy

A & P Maintenance Services Pte. Ltd. is committed to ensuring the proper implementation of safety measures. We prevent unsafe practice by analysing work processes and procedures prior to the commencement of any work.


This shall be achieved by:

  1. Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our co-workers, customers, and visitors.
  2. Establishing safe working procedures in all work processes and continuously reviewing their suitability and effectiveness.
  3. Providing adequate training for co-workers on the maintenance of health and work safety.
  4. Making safety a natural part of our co-workers’ daily routine.
  5. Complying with all relevant legislations and other requirements related to health and safety.
  6. Committing to the prevention of injury and ill-health and making continual improvements to the OHSAS Management and Performance.

Each and every employee of the company is committed to maintaining a safe and conducive environment at their workplace to achieve a zero-accident rate.

-Jann Teo, Executive Director

Quality and Environmental Policies:

The management and staff of our organisation strive to improve our cleaning performance in accordance to our Integrated Management System.

"Our Goals"

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  1. To comply with all relevant legislations, regulations, code of practice, standards, and licensing requirements.
  2. To set measurable objectives for the Integrated Management System and consistently review it.
  3. To provide employees with all the relevant information, training, appropriate skills, resources, and support in relation to the Integrated Management System to carry out their work efficiently and effectively.
    • Provide a safe environment for our employees.
    • Train knowledgeable & competent employees.
    • Retention of staff
  4. To achieve customer satisfaction through a continuous improvement of our work processes, with the provision of professional cleaning services as per the Quality & Environmental Objectives.
  5. To manage the handling of all existing resources and reduce pressure on the environment.
    • Prevent pollution and protect the environment with the 5Rs: REUSE, RECYCLING, REDUCTION, RETHINK and REPAIR.
    • Protection of biodiversity and the ecosystem.
-Jann Teo, Executive Director

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